About South Coast Bagel Company

Do you know the Bagelman? South Coast Bagel Company has made a huge impression on Southsea. The bagels are insanely delicious. A must try!

32-year-old Jack Rose aka @doyouknowthebagelman started South Coast Bagel Company just as the country was coming out of national lockdown and 18 months later has become one of Southsea’s hottest food stars.

Jack first dreamt up the South Coast Bagel Company back in 2018 on a trip to New Jersey where he fell in love with the culture of daily trips to buy morning bagels.  Keeping his identity a secret, his witty digital launch campaign, complete with eye-catching logo, quickly caused a social media stir. It wasn’t long before Portsmouth locals were asking themselves “do I know the bagel man?” and started ordering his hand-rolled, US East-Coast-style bagels by the box load.

Nowadays, Jack and his award-winning bagels can be found hosting monthly masterclasses at The South Coast Cookery School, wholesaling weekly fresh bakes to the likes of Southsea Deli and Southsea Coffee; plus providing bagel feasts for corporate and private events.

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