Top 5 Japanese restaurants

May 29, 2024
Japanese Food

Portsmouth offers a delightful array of Japanese restaurants, each with its own unique charm. Whether you’re a seasoned sushi aficionado or a curious newcomer, this quick guide lists some of Portsmouth’s current top 5 Japanese restaurants based on recent online reviews. 

1. Sakura

At number one is Sakura, operating from Albert Road in Southsea, this restaurant has come to be known as one of Portsmouth’s most well-known since opening its doors in 2009. 

For those who have visited Japan, you’ll immediately be hit by nostalgia, with the interior décor featuring Japanese sake bottles lined across shelves, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, decorative curtains along each of the dining spaces and a range of Japanese inspired art to top it off. 

Sakura’s diverse menu – which is really more like a food book! – doesn’t disappoint. Featuring culinary delights such as their Volcano roll, a form of sushi pairing salmon and tuna alongside a mayonnaise and chilli sauce and their Spicy Chicken Ramen. 

2. Rakuzen

Situated in Elm Grove, Southsea, Rakuzen combines both a cosy and easy-going dining experience, making it perfect for a wide range of occasions from business gatherings to family get togethers. 

What stood out when visiting was the excellent service provided by staff members, who made the experience truly memorable. When taking a bite of their Tori Karaage and Ebi Tempura, an explosion of flavours hit of truly of gastronomic proportions. This alone demonstrates the love and care put into crafting each dish.  

3. Manzoku Japanese and Korean Restaurant

Also in Abert Road, Southsea, Manzoku offer an exciting fusion of Japanese and Korean dishes. Paired with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the diverse range of menu choices at Manzoku combine the flavours of Japanese and Korean cuisine to create a symphony of flavours.  

What really left a lasting impression was their Japanese Curry Katsu Udon and the Korean Rice Bibimbap paired with Korean Fried Chicken – each of these dishes were perfectly presented and the ingredients included reflect the care and commitment of the chefs. 

4. Otaku Sushi

Otaku Sushi is a small hidden gem in Portsmouth’s city centre. Despite being tucked away behind a shopfront; this shouldn’t deter you from climbing the stairs to get to the second floor where this family restaurant operates. 

Inside, we were pleasantly surprised by a roomy dining experience which also felt compact and cosy. The interior décor seeks to reflect the heritage and tradition of a Japanese restaurant, adding to the overall general appeal. 

From the menu the Mix Sashimi Set alongside a small helping of Ebi Tempura is recommended. Both of these proved to be both delicious and were excellently presented in a way that resembled an artistic masterpiece rather than food. 

5. Yukchinhon

Yukchinhon in Queen Street, Portsea is a surprise. Upon entering, the diner is transported to a traditional Japanese izakaya, being sat right at the front only metres away from where the food is being both served and cooked. 

The menu also cannot be faulted. From artfully crafted sushi and succulent seafood to flavourful ramen, sashimi, hot pot, tonkatsu, and skewers, a particular highlight is The Mountain Set. This dish lives up to its name and pairs four different mouther watering dishes: skewered chicken teriyaki; crab miso soup; grilled eel; and teriyaki sirloin steak. An absolute delight.  

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