Top 10 restaurants in Southsea

May 9, 2024
Sunset view of South Parade Pier in Southsea

We have many great restaurants, bars and cafes in Southsea. But if you are you need a quick overview, here is a list of some of our current top 10 restaurants in Southsea based on recent online reviews.

Southsea offers a wide range of fantastic independent food and drink businesses nestled in quirky streets and along the seafront. From classic British fare to cuisines from around the world, Southsea’s  restaurants, cafes and eateries stand out as some of the best along the South Coast.

1. The Briny

Bringing years of restaurant experience within the family and a team of head chefs led by Head Chef Cameron, the Briny offers a casual beachfront dining experience with a fantastic view of Southsea Sea front and outside dining facilities to enjoy the sunshine.

Whilst the Briny primarily specialises in seafood offer, you shouldn’t put off as they also have on hand a great selection of non-seafood options with additional gluten free and vegan options for various dietary requirements.

Whether you’re visiting Portsmouth for a day or have been a long-time resident, we believe that the Briny offers an excellent opportunity for all lovers of food to indulge in the kitchen masterpieces created by Chef Cameron and to know that a visit is definitely worth while.

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2. Huis

If you’ve wandered around Elm Grove, you may have noticed a particularly stylish shopfront clad in a mysterious grey and adorned with words ‘Huis’ on top. Huis, meaning house in Flemish, is an independent bar and restaurant that aims to bring to Portsmouth Belgium’s food and beer culture.

Inside, we were impressed by how masterfully the staff at Huis have managed to create an unfussy ambiance alongside friendly service. Equally as impressive were the range of drinks on offer – which really is in a league of its own on this list – as well as the food and desert which arrived beautifully presented.

Whether it be enjoying a drink at the bar or along with food at your own table, Huis offers a new and exciting dining experience for those in the Southsea area.

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3. Algarve’s Grill

The Algarve’s Grill manages to perfectly combine excellent service alongside hypnotising tapas, fish and steak menu that will leave you hard pressed to choose what to indulge in. Upon entering you’re immediately met with kind and welcoming smiles of the staff who go to the ends of the earth to make you feel at home.

What caught our attention is the creative décor and interior spaces, featuring a wall mounted car with Algarve’s signature logo alongside other memorabilia that ties the restaurant in with its Portuguese heritage.

From the menu we particularly enjoyed the ‘Cataplana de Carne’ – a Portuguese stew made with different meat and vegetables – alongside an assortment of different tapas for starters.

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4. Desi Old India Cafe

Also being situated in Elm Grove, Desi aims to bring the elegance and food culture of the cafes of old India directly into the heart of Portsmouth.

Upon entering the café, you’re immediately invited into a world that makes one thing very apparent – this wasn’t your ordinary Indian restaurant experience, the menu brings together some of the most authentic and intricately designed dishes together. From the Gunpowder Potatoes to the Murgh Makhni, each of the dishes packs a unique and delicious taste that will be sure to leave an impression.

Paired with excellent service and an interior that brilliantly exploits the area between restaurant and café, Desi earns itself as being undoubtedly worth a visit for family celebrations to casual meetups.

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5. Sakura

Tucked away in Albert Road, Sakura is perhaps one of Portsmouth’s most well-known Japanese restaurants. While having a fairly plain shop front and possessing smaller dining facilities than other restaurants on this list, Sakura provides for an unforgettable experience.

From their sushi to ramen, Sakura’s menu provides for an umami bomb of different flavours all while pairing this alongside a stylish Japanese izakaya themed interior for a cosy atmosphere.

In particular, Sakura’s California Maki paired their Chicken Teriyaki stands out to be some of the most excellent options. And for those fancying a drink or two, Sakura offer an excellent range of Japanese sake, beer and non-alcoholic drinks.

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6. Maya

Maya presents itself as a contemporary Latin American restaurant inspired by cultures from around the world and but paired with a modern stylistic twist.

From food to service, Maya offers both an outstanding range of dishes that are beautifully presented and a service that cannot be faulted. Their ‘Katsu Bomba’ provides for an explosion of flavour while their ‘Birra Beef Ragu’ offers an authentic and unique taste.

What really stood out is the atmosphere of Maya. The dim soft lighting coupled with classy décor provides for a comfortable and relaxed dining experience allowing for both foodies and atmosphere lovers to relax and focus on one thing – the amazing food.

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7. Sant Yago

From kitchen to table, Sant Yago’s dishes use of fresh ingredients allows for a distinct and satisfying dining experience while providing for an inexhaustible number of both gluten-free and vegan dining options.

Their dishes from the Paprika Calamari to the Coconut Lentil Curry Sant Yago have been intensively researched and well-prepared to accurately represent the diverse flavours from across Europe. We also found that the Tapas selection was generously portioned and reasonably well priced whilst not missing out on flavour.

However, what shines throughout the dining experience was how attentive and caring members of staff were found to be. When deliberating on what to order, a kind staff member waited to suggest a range of their most popular and tasty dishes whilst also introducing us to their range of drinks that would pair the best alongside our main.

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8. The Rocka

Operating from 42 Osborne Road, Southsea, Chef Alecio, along with business partner Mario Figueredo, bring over 20 years of restaurant experience; bringing a unique take to the dining experience, combining a creative culinary style and authentic hospitality.

Their dishes ranging from the pasta ‘Frutti di Mare’ to the ‘Smoky Rocka Melt’ burger provides for a truly gastronomic experience, combined with a highly professional and genuine service from members of staff.

The Rocka also offers an excellent wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, allowing for dining to be enjoyed at all times of day. We found that their ‘Life Peachy’ Iced Tea and their signature Rocka Gin and Tonic paired perfectly with the range of tapas enjoyed for our starters.

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9. Pinsarke

Out of all the options that have found their way onto this list, Pinsarke is arguably lends itself to being most unique. Being Southsea’s first and only Pinseria, Pinsarke offers a genuine and authentic Italian dining experience, utilising ancient Roman methods for creating their recipes.

Here, you’ll be invited to indulge in the different varieties of pinsa – the ancestor of pizza – that have sought to capture the vast flavours of Italy. If you’re not in the mood for pinsa then no need to worry, Pinsarke also offer a host of pasta dishes ranging from their pasta Bolognese to their pasta carbonara.

From the menu, we enjoyed the Pinsa Roma which brings together pecorino cheese, bell peppers and Italian ham to form an out of this world better-than-pizza experience alongside Arancino Ragu for our starters.

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10. Mangosteen

Mangosteen, where veganism and vegetarianism is more about indulgence than abstinence. A culinary experience like no other, with intense flavours, sublime textures, and a combination of ingredients that few have the imagination or daring to put together, it will change the way you view the cuisine forever.

Top dishes that inspire are their Shahi vegan thali, butternut wellington and the truffle burger where every single mouthful delights with flavour. The complimentary shot of aperitif is also a delight to get the taste buds tingling.

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